Why Do My Apple Airpods Keep Beeping?

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Apple airpods are undoubtedly one of the coolest inventions by the company. Apple overtime has made some incredibly innovative products, starting from the apple wristwatch to the hood and iPad. However, most Apple users consider the apple airpod as one of the greatest innovations of all.

And why is that? It is so easy to fall in love with apple airpods, they are irresistible, filled with incredible features that not only set them on a different pedestal but also make similar products li child’s play.

This record-breaking invention beats similar products with its user-friendly operating system, exceedingly long battery life, and the ease with which it works with other Apple products.

It doesn’t go without saying that this wonderful piece of art is not completely free of limitations. As to all electronic gadgets, apple airpods sometimes act in an abnormal manner such as beeping abnormally. 

Apple airpods and other apple products are one of the most sophisticated devices out there. Sometimes, understanding certain things about these devices can be a nightmare. Apple airpods beep sometimes as a result of obvious reasons and at other times, you are unsure of what is going.

Why do my apple airpods keep beeping?

The most common reason for the beeping of your airpods is simply an indication of a low battery. Apple airpods are found to beep continuously when their battery is low and requires recharging. Once they are recharged, the beeping should stop.

Listening to some apple airpods users, there are also instances where both the AirPods and the charging case are 100% charged and yet the airpod keeps beeping nonstop. It is therefore clear that a low battery may not be the only reason for the beeping of your Apple AirPods.

A second possible reason for the beeping of the apple airpod is the result of the poor paring connection. When the device is not properly paired with your iPhone, you may find the light beeping as an indication of that effect. A quick or fast solution for airpods that are acting funny or in an abnormal way is to reset the airpod.

There are reports as well of the airpods beeping outside these two situations, that is, it’s neither due to a low battery nor a pairing problem, but something undetermined.

The airpods in this particular situation are charged and so is the charging case, they are paired with iPhone or any other Apple device and can be used to make and receive calls and listen to music, but yet continue to beep.

A beeping airpod be it a single ear or both airpods can be annoying as you continue to hear a low chime sound sometime in 10 minutes intervals or more frequently.

Airpods can beep when they establish a connection or get disconnected, or as an indication of low battery or transparency mode. However, when they beep outside these reasons, it may be an indication of a problem.(Read Also:Can You Overcharge Airpods Pro?)

How to stop my airpods from beeping?

First, you need to determine why the airpods are beeping. If the beeping is a result of a low battery, which is the commonest reason they beep, then getting the airpods recharged should get that fixed.

The low battery could cause both or one of the airpod to beep depending on which one is experiencing the low battery. Simply return the airpods to their charging case to get them recharged.

It’s also important to think of incompatibility as the underlying cause of the beeping. Incompatibility between the airpods and the charging case can cause a beeping of the airpods.

Second generation apple airpods for instance with a USB charging case, users of this airpod may opt to upgrade to the wireless charging case. This may not be compatible with the design of the airpod and may lead to beeping.

If the underlying cause is any form of incompatibility, then it will be helpful to only use the airpod with a compatible charging case. In the case of pairing or connection problems or beeping of unknown etiology, restoring factory settings may help fix the problem. Regarding pairing issues, changing the airpods name and connecting it as a new device may also be helpful.(Read Also: Can Airpods Overheat In The Sun?)

Here is a step-by-step on how to restore factory settings to rid your airpods of beeping problems.

Step 1

Start by placing the airpods in the charging case, then close the lid of the case and wait for about 30 minutes. Open the charging case’s lid while ensuring the airpods are in place.


Go to Settings on your iPhone, then proceed to select Bluetooth

Step 3

Look for your airpods name and select the ‘I’ icon next to it. Then select ‘’ forget this device’’. Confirm this order by choosing ‘’forget device’’


With the airpods still inside the charging case and its lid remaining opened, press and hold the button at the back of the charging case.


Keep a hold on this button until the light in front of the charging case flashes an amber color, then lift your finger from the back button to release it.

Once this restoration is complete, the airpod is automatically disconnected from all the devices it was previously connected to, and will require a fresh setup to be reconnected again.

Before attempting to reestablish a connection, wait for the front light to turn white, this indicated the airpods are ready for pairing once more. Restoration of factory settings usually solves most of the battery-related problems and other beeping abnormalities.(Read Also: Can You Overcharge Airpods Case?)

Is airpod beeping a sign of a problem?

Aside from the designated times where airpods beep to signify certain conditions such as a low battery or unpaired mode, a continuous airpod beeping without any provocation such as a low battery or pairing problems can be seen as a problem.

Sometimes this affects a single airpod and at other times both. Restoration of factory setting seems to help with this problem for all models of the apple airpod.

However, sometimes, this may not resolve the problem and the airpods may need to be replaced. If restoration of factory settings fails and repair by experts proves abortive, then changing the airpods may be the next point of call. 

If the problem is with only one airpod, the single airpod can be changed without having to buy both which can be pretty expensive. airpod beeping can be pretty annoying, contact apple support if all these do not help to get your airpods functioning properly once more.

Airpod beeping due to manufacturing error or other error outside unlicensed modification or due to water damage is not covered by apple’s warranty policy.

Apple offers a one-year warranty from the time the airpods were purchased, allowing customers to return defective airpods within this time. However, this is under the condition that the defect was not a result of an unlicensed modification or due to damage from water.

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Can I get my airpods replaced for a faulty beeping?

Yes, you can and you should take advantage of Apple’s return policy and warranty for their products. When booking an appointment with the support service, ensure to tag along with your charging case as the serial number on the underside of the lid is required for confirmation of purchase.

If it is determined that the problem is one of such covered by apple’s one-year warranty policy, then the airpod will be fixed or replaced at no charge.

However, if the problem is a result of wear from usage, attempted unlicensed modification, or a similar incidence that is not covered by the warranty policy, the airpods may be repaired at a fee.

At Apple stores, a single defective airpod can be replaced instead of replacing both of them, which would be more costly. Also, accessories such as the charging case can be replaced as well.

The warranty is only valid within the first 90 days after purchase. Periods longer than this do not entitle the user to a refund, repair, or replacement. Users of Apple products can check coverage checker for their warranty status.

Beeping in just one airpod, what does this mean and how can it be fixed?

There are reported cases of either the right or left airpod starting to beep after some time of using them. Sometimes this beeping can be loud enough to cause discomfort or even disallow you from using the airpods. 

In most cases, the defect is spontaneous and may not have a known cause. However, it is most likely due to old age and overtime degeneration of the airpods. If this happens within the first year of purchasing the airpods, you may consider returning them to an apple store for a replacement.

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Why Do My Apple Airpods Keep Beeping – Conclusion

here in this article, we’ve attempted to identify the low battery, pairing problems, and others as possible causes of the beeping of apple AirPods.

The suggested solution to the pathologic beeping of the airpod is to initiate a factory reset process by following the steps mentioned in this article. You can leave your comments on your personal experience with apple AirPods and how helpful some of these suggestions were to you.

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