Can You Tell If Someone Has Stolen Your Airpods?

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If you’re like me, the first thought that comes to you whenever you cannot find a valuable property of yours is that they’ve been stolen. Next, you will begin to think of possible places you could have been rubbed or who the most likely suspect is. Here in this article, we shall help you tell the difference between stolen and misplaced airpods.

so, can you tell if someone has stolen your airpods? The direct answer here would be yes. There is a difference between when they are stolen and when you simply don’t remember where you kept them.

In the first instance, that is, when they are stolen, you may not be able to retrieve them back, however, when misplaced, or lost within proximity, then, there is a good chance of getting them back.

So, how can you say that they are lost and not stolen by someone? The way to do this is by using the ‘find my AirPods app. With this app, lost airpods will show up on a map, allowing you to trace them and get them back.

This is not the only cool feature with the app, it can also be used to cause the airpod to make a really loud alarm sound, which is loud enough to reveal their location.

These sounds are so loud, they can be used to prank someone. For example, someone whom you’ve once connected your AirPods to his device now has your airpod on his ‘find my app’ which now grants him the access to prank you with the alarm. Given how pretty loud this may be, it’s best to avoid being pranked this way by resetting your airpods.

For this app, to work, the airpod must stay connected with the device, this is indicated by tiny green light closing the name of the airpod. If the airpod is not connected, there is no way of locating it.

Also, this app only works when the airpod is on when turned off or if the airpod battery should die, then, the airpod cannot equally be located.

Given that the app uses a Bluetooth connection, if the airpod is not the Bluetooth range, it cannot also be located.

If all these factors are satisfied, the alarm should be able to reveal the airpod location. However, if they are stolen, they will most likely be turned off, or disconnected, or simply completely out of Bluetooth range. There is no way of tracing them if that is the case. 

The only possibility of recovering them back I can think of right now would be, perhaps if they just got stolen and the assailant is still within range and he is yet to turn them off.

The shock on his face when the alarm rings, while the airpods are on him, will be priceless. However, do not go after the thieve by yourself, your life may be in danger over something that could be easily replaced.

If you are lucky enough to trace the thief’s location using the app, then get the authorities involved, never go after the thieve by yourself.  Aside from the app, you can also find out about the location of your airpod by visiting, this does the same function as the app.

Even with the app or website, it’s not easy to trace apple airpods if someone steals them from you. That is why protecting them to prevent getting stolen is what you should be doing rather than leaving them vulnerable to thieves.

Some thieves avoid apple products, this is because their passwords or pin codes are not easy to crack, they can be locked remotely from internet tools such as the app or, they become useless in the hands of the unauthorized user. Airpods are most likely the easiest apple product to steal for these same reasons.

Airpods do not have secured passwords or pin codes, they cannot be locked remotely,y and tracking their location when they are stolen has a lot of limitations. You can protect them from being stolen by always keeping them in the case and keeping an eye on the case.

Like it or not, stolen airpods do fetch a handsome price on the black market. Since there is practically no way of tracking them, the new owner is not scared of getting caught,t, unlike other Apple devices.

Anything valuable is at risk of getting stolen when not protected properly, other earbuds can be stolen too, but airpods are more costly and enjoys the fame of being an Apple product, a well-respected and prestigious brand.

How to use find my app to locate lost airpods?

Sometimes, our minds play some trick on us where we forget completely where we stored something, most times, this is as a result of not paying attention when you are storing the item. If you are unable to remember where you kept your airpods, you can use the find my airpods app to reveal their location.

Hopefully, before this incident, you already downloaded the app on your device and had it working with the now missing airpods. If that is the case, then follow the subsequent steps below to reveal the location of your airpods.

Here are the simple steps on how to use the find my app:

Step 1

The first step is to open the app. Look for the app on your home page, if not present there, swipe the page to reveal the app’s log, then select the app


The next step is to sign in to the app; this is done using apple ID. Enter your password to have access to the app.

Step 3

Once you are signed in, you will see a list of Apple devices, scroll through this list until you get to the name of your airpod.

Step 4

Select the name of your AirPods to reveal its location. Upon selection, a screen will pop up showing a map on how to find the airpod.(Read Also: Can You Wear Airpods While Welding?)

Step 5

To effectively rule out theft, select the alarm feature to create a loud alarm sound, this will reveal the airpods if they are within proximity.

Alternatively, you can also find your missing airpod using the website

How to prevent airpods from being stolen?

Understanding how difficult it is to get your airpod back once stolen, it is now clear, protecting them from getting stolen in the first place may be a much better option than hoping on getting them back.

Airpods are relatively more pricy than other earbuds and therefore, no amount of precautionary measure can be said to be too overprotective. I’ve been told by friends how overprotective I am of my airpods, and I take this as a good compliment.(Read Also: Can Airpods Connect To PC And IPhone At The Same Time?)

It’s preferable airpods age and die a natural death than for them to be stolen. When disposing of my old airpods to get new ones, am usually proud of myself regarding how well I kept them save for the last couple of years, even though a neighborhood that is full of thieves and hoodlums.

So, here are some tips on how to keep your airpod safe and protected from thieves. First, ensure they are kept in case. While in this case, you will always know their location at any given time, and can easily retrieve them both when you need them.

We now have designer cases, which are produced with chains that the case to be hung on the pants or key holder. So, now, you can your airpods as close to you as possible. It’s more difficult for thieves to attempt to snatch the airpod pods in this position and the chain can only be carefully unlocked.

Each time the airpods are not in use, instead of simply keeping them on any available surface, carefully place them back in the case and keep the case in a secured pocket or bag/purse. Avoid flaunting your airpods especially in front of people of questionable characters.

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Can your stolen airpods be tracked?

The truth is that even the authorities such as the police cannot help you in this case. I will like to say this bluntly, don’t have your hopes up when your airpods get stolen.

The app or website mentioned earlier is only useful in revealing the location of a missing airpod,  the room, or the office. The airpod in this case is within a close space, it’s connected to the device and it must stay on.

If anyone were to steal your airpod, none of these criteria will be present,  airpods would most likely be out of range except if the thieve is yet to get far away before getting busted.

Generally, Apple is yet to figure out how to better track down a stolen airpod, so for now, once your airpod is stolen, they are as good as gone, it’s best to consider getting them replaced. 

The possibility is further reduced if the new owner should reset the airpods, this will get you disconnected and allow him to be able to use the airpod with his device without facing any difficulty.(Read Also: Can You Wear Airpods In The Shower With A Shower Cap?)

Can You Tell If Someone Has Stolen Your Airpods – Conclusion

Pay more attention to keeping your airpods safe, as they cannot be easily retrieved once stolen. Let us know in the comment boxes below if you’ve ever misplaced your airpods or have them stolen, and how you got them back if you ever did!

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