Can Airpods Connect To PC And IPhone At The Same Time?

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Although airpods are designed to be used primarily with iPhone and other Apple devices, they are compatible with other devices as well. airpods are Bluetooth devices and can connect with other devices via Bluetooth. However, keeping your airpods connected to both your pc and iPhone at the same time is a tricky one. Let’s see how to get it done!

Can airpods connect to PC and iPhone at the same time? yes, airpods can be connected to pc and iPhone at the same time. in today’s world, most devices have inbuilt Bluetooth settings, this allows them to connect to other devices that use Bluetooth.

Most laptops can connect to other devices such as phones and airpods through Bluetooth connection.

Similarly, airpods can connect to iPhone, Android phones, and pcs via Bluetooth connection as well. this way, airpods are not only limited to iPhones but can also be used with Android phones.

Given the price of the iPhone, you may not have to buy iPhone to enjoy a great music experience with airpods.

Airpods outperform many other earbuds out there and therefore it is everyone’s dream to listen to audio files with airpods, whether or not you have an iPhone

How to connect airpod to pc and iPhone at the same time?

While airpods especially airpod pro can switch seamlessly between other Apple devices, getting airpods connected to two devices and switching between the two may be a little bit trickier than simply connecting the airpods to two apple devices or switching between them.

It’s important to say at this point that airpods can only automatically connect to one device, if you wish to connect them to a second one, then you would have to do that manually. 

Airpods can connect automatically with previously connected devices with which you’ve used airpods to listen to music or receive a phone call. Once the Bluetooth of such device is on or the airpods are in pairing mode, they automatically begin to search for each other and are paired instantly.

So, if you want to know to switch from your iPhone to your pc while on your airpods, follow the following simple steps:

Step 1

Go ahead and pair your iPhone with the airpods. If you do not already know how to pair iPhone with airpods, that will be discussed late in this article.

Step 2

Go ahead and pair your airpods with your pc. Again, how to pair pc with airpods will be covered here for those who do not know how to already do this.

Step 3

If you were previously connected to your pc and now you wish to listen to your airpods, such as taking a phone call on the iPhone, simply bring out the airpods from their case, go to the control center on your iPhone. Next, click on the music control panel, and from there, select airpods.

Step 4

If the reverse is the case, that is, you were using your airpods with your iPhone to listen to music, and now you wish to switch to your pc, follow the following steps

    • First, bring the airpods out of their case
    • Go to your pcs taskbar, form there, right-click the audio notification button
    • Next, to bring up the list of devices, select playback devices
  • From the list, select airpods and press apply

How to connect airpods to PC?

Connecting your airpods with your pc is quite easy, but if this is your first time attempting to do this, then I understand the confusion. So, there is no need to get worried, any moment from now, well run you through easy steps to get your airpods connected with your pc

Before we go ahead with the steps or guidelines needed to connect your airpods to your pc, it’s important to note that the steps are not the same for all types of systems. If you’re using apple mac, for example, the steps are slightly different from those using windows laptops.

So, let’s start with those using mac, the first thing you’ll need to do is make your operating system is up to date. There is some form of compatibility issues with certain airpod types and a given mac operating system. Therefore, the first step is to update your system if there are not already up to date.(Read Also:Does Garmin Forerunner 245 Music Work With Airpods?)

Once you’ve done this, proceed with the following steps to pair your mac with your airpods

Step 1

Click on the gear-like icon on your desktop screen to open system preferences. If you cannot find this, although I doubt that, then, click on the search icon (the magnifying lens) at the top upper right side of your screen, then type in ‘system preferences’

Step 2

You know what the Bluetooth icon looks like right? Next is to select this icon

Step 3

Now, return the airpods to their case and open up the lid of the case.

Step 4

There is a button at the back of the airpod case, press down on this button with your finger, hold it down until the light in front of the airpod case begins to blink with white light. This gesture means the airpod is ready to pair with available devices.(Read Also:Can You Wear Airpods While Snowboarding?)

Step 5

Once you make it to this stage, simply wait as the airpod name appears on your mac, go ahead and select this to get connected to the airpod.(Read Also:Do Airpods Stop Charging When Full?)

If after following the above steps, your airpod name fails to appear on your device, ensure the device is within Bluetooth range and that your Bluetooth is turned on. If all these are in place, and yet the connection is not established, then turn off the Bluetooth and put it on again. Restart the entire process, this time, it will most likely be successful

For windows users or another operating system, the steps to pair your airpods with your pc is as follows

Step 1

From your systems start menu, click on settings to get started.

Step 2

The settings menu shows options including ‘devices’, select this to bring up the list of devices

Step 3

The next screen with showing a list of items, scroll down until you get to; Bluetooth and other devices,  select the plus sign next to this  option


Return your airpods to the case and leave the lid open. Long press on the button at the back of the airpod case and wait until a white light begins to blink (same procedure mentioned above)

Step 5

Wait a bit as the name of the airpod comes on the screen, select this to get your pc connected with the airpod.

Sometimes we may experience some glitch in our Bluetooth connection, making it difficult to establish a connection between the airpods and the pc. In such a situation, you can try any of the following suggestions

  • Try un-pair the airpod from the pc, then re-pair 

To un-pair or remove airpods from the list of connected devices, follow the steps below

Step 1 

Select the start button, if you are using a window laptop, then click on the windows icon.

Step 2

Select device from the next screen that comes up

Step 3

Next, scroll through the list and select Bluetooth and other devices

Stet 4

Select your airpods name

Step 5

Select remove to un-pair the device with your pc.

A pop-up screen will come up, asking you to confirm the command, click yes to confirm.

You can attempt to reconnect them, hopefully, this will solve any connection problem you are having.

  • A second option will be to toggle with the Bluetooth, that is put it off and then turn it on. Try reconnecting your airpods with your pc, it should work now.
  • Sometimes the glitch is from other devices that were previously connected to airpods, they may disallow the airpods from pairing with your pc, therefore, ensure you disable the Bluetooth of such devices before attempting to connect your pc to your airpods.

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How do you connect airpods to two devices at the same time?

Connecting airpods to more than one device is more common with apple wristwatch users, who can connect their airpods with their iPhone or Mac at the same time with the smart wristwatch. Although this is quite possible, it’s however not feasible to play audio files from both at the same time.

Bluetooth connection has made it possible to connect airpods with more than just the smart wristwatch. They can be connected easily with android phones and other Bluetooth devices.

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Can Airpods Connect To PC And iPhone At The Same Time – Conclusion

Airpods can be connected with more than one device at the same time, they cannot be used to play audio files from both devices at the same time but this can be adjusted according to the user’s preference.

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